Michelle Macias art


bluepanda28 ha dicho: Hola <3 la verdad dibujas bastante hermoso tu estilo es único!! Alguna vez has pensado o hiciste en hacer un fanart de tu manga favorito?

Hola!! perdón por la tardanza en contestar, pero mas vale tarde que nunca! haha y un fanart de mi manga favorito.. mmm.. esque tengo muchos!! de sailor moon ya he hecho pero de mis otros mangas favoritos que son Lovely Complex y School Rumble todavía no hago! bueno si he hecho pero nada decente, dibujare algo definitivamente!

iamsuperrwholocked ha dicho: I realized I never said thank you for reblogging my drawing forever ago. I love your illustrations and your style, and I'm obsessed with disney princesses and sailor moon, so that was kind of a huge deal to me. I love your new sailor moon stuff btw, they look awesome!

Awwww you are so sweet!! thanks for inspiring me!! Keep drawing!!!

cerezas ha dicho: ¿Considerarías hacer alguna ilustración de María Antonieta (inspirada en la película de Sofia Coppola)? Creo que se vería genial con tu estilo :)

Hola Caro!! uhhh me encanta todo lo que tenga que ver con Sofia Coppola! Maria Antonieta es de mis películas favoritas!! me pondré a dibujar algo de ella! 

Flowers on my hair 
My new wallet!!!!!! 

Is my imagination, or Traci Hines just did a cosplay of my Belle illustration??!! OMG IF THIS IS TRUE I WILL BE SO HAPPY! Im a huge fan of Traci!! 




Thanks soooooooo much!! You inspire me everyday, to keep drawing!! 

Hi everyone!!<3 

So these are just a few of my latest commissions! Thanks so much to all of you who let me draw you! 

And if you want one, send me a mail to miche896@hotmail.com!<3 

theliftisoutoforder ha dicho: hi, just wanted to exult(?) about how cool is your art and how thrilled i was that you like lovely complex too :3 cheers! Ps.:oh, could you give some advice on how to keep practicing drawing when u feel u doesnt improve? :/ thnx!

OMG! You are so sweet thanks so much!!! and I loooooooooove lovely complex! Its like my life in a manga (because Im tall girl and I have a very similar story haha) 

But about the advice… its very hard for me to give you one right now because I feel like my art isn’t improving lately… hahaha, its the truth but I think that the best we can do is now comparing our drawings with other artist, and just do whatever you feel inspired at the moment! 

irlamaria ha dicho: Hello! I am pursuing a career in illustration and I am totally impressed with your skills and creativity! I love your work 💕

awww you are so sweet! thanks so much for writing me!!!! and Im sooo happy you like my work! I would love to see yours!! Have a great day!! 

alleycatalanna ha dicho: You're magical!


&lt;3 Whats on my bag &lt;3 
&lt;3 A preview of my collaboration with MIMILI https://www.facebook.com/love.mimili?fref=ts 
This is going to be so amazing!!! All the stuff is looking great!! MICHELLE MACIAS X MIMILI &lt;3 
Photo by Hana Haley